Viber Version Free

Send free text messages and dial anyone on the globe for free

Viber for PC is a revolutionary means of communications. Its innovativeness will only be surpassed when a machine for automatic Banana peeling will be invented (which will probably never happen due to limited demand. go figure). Viber enables users to send messages to other Viber users completely for free, and even to place free calls to other Viber users, also for free. It's not limited to certain devices, to certain networks or even to certain countries.
To facilitate use of Viber, it automatically synchronizes your contacts, messages and calls history with your mobile device. This way, you can start a conversation through Viber on your mobile device and pick it up on your PC, or vise versa.
Finally, you can send free SMS from your home or office PC. What will they come up with next - big boxes of metal going up and down buildings and carrying people in them?
Although being free, Viber doesn’t compromise on audio quality, it offers full featured video calls, enables sending rich text messages that can include photos, enables holding group calls, and on top of it all, it automatically and fully synchronizes your mobile phone with your PC.
Users come first